We want to learn more about living in your community; how can we arrange a
tour? We’ll be on the island tomorrow afternoon.

We check our website inquiries about once a week and are not set up to respond to immediate visitors; please give us some time to find a mutually convenient time to show you around.

May I stay for a day or two in your Common House?

Sure – we’d love to have you. Our three guest rooms are more heavily booked during the summer months; the more advance notice you can give us, the more likely your room will be available. Our two upstairs rooms rent for $45/night, and
the smaller one on the first floor is $35.

Do you have any affordable units for rent? Emergency housing?

Five of our 18 homes are subsidized for low- to moderate-income families in perpetuity (managed by Vashon HouseHold); turnover is quite rare. The other 13 houses sell at market rate when a member decides to leave. We don’t have immediate or emergency housing available.

How much do your homes cost?

Each member prices their houses themselves when they get ready to sell, based upon the market at that time. Roughly, though, most houses tend to sell for $340k to $580k, dependent upon size and quality.

When will the next home become available to buy or rent?

We don’t know when a member will put their house on the market until just beforehand. The community supports each member’s selling process, but doesn’t offer the homes.

We would like to start our own cohousing community; can you tell us how?

As each jurisdiction has different requirements, and each group has their own unique needs, we think you’d be better served by checking the national cohousing organization for advice.

Do you allow pets?

Our pet policy allows pets in your home. Outside, on our grounds, they need to be on a leash or strict voice control. Dogs’ personalities differ, so we use our best judgment about how they interact with other dogs, toddlers, and adults.

Do you have room on your land for a school bus, tiny house, or yurt?

Our site plan, as approved by King County when we began, does not allow for additional or temporary housing units on our property.

I would like to rent your Common House for an event/kitchen for catering. Who do I contact?

Many folks like to rent our wonderful and beautiful Common House for vacation, family events, weddings, etc. In addition, our kitchen is certified as “commercial” and many people rent it to prepare food for sale and/or catering. Please use our contact form to schedule.